Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Miscellaneous Provisions

Expenses Of Officers Or Employees Attending Conventions -- Educational Associations

20-1-211. Expenses of officers or employees attending conventions -- educational associations. (1) A school district officer or employee of any school district may not receive payment from any public funds for traveling expenses or other expenses of any sort or kind for attendance at any convention, meeting, or other gathering of public officers except for attendance at a convention, meeting, or other gatherings that the officer or employee may by virtue of the office or employment find it necessary to attend.

(2) The board of trustees of any county or district high school or of any school district may by resolution adopted by a majority of the entire board make their district a member of any state association of school districts or school district trustees or any other strictly educational association and authorize the payment of dues to the association and the necessary traveling expenses of employees or members of the board to attend meetings of the association or other meetings called for the express purpose of considering educational matters.

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