Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. County Superintendent of Schools

Annual Report

20-3-209. Annual report. The county superintendent of each county shall submit an annual report to the superintendent of public instruction on or before September 15. The report must be completed on the forms supplied by the superintendent of public instruction and must include:

(1) the final budget information for each district of the county, as prescribed by 20-9-134(1);

(2) the revenue amounts used to establish the levy requirements for the county school fund supporting school district transportation schedules, as prescribed by 20-10-146, and for the county school funds supporting elementary and high school district retirement obligations, as prescribed by 20-9-501;

(3) the financial activities of each district of the county for the immediately preceding school fiscal year as provided by the trustees' annual report to the county superintendent under the provisions of 20-9-213(6); and

(4) any other information that may be requested by the superintendent of public instruction that is within the superintendent's authority prescribed by this title.

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