Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. School District Trustees

Organization And Officers

20-3-321. Organization and officers. (1) The trustees of each district shall annually organize as a governing board of the district after the regular school election day and after the issuance of the election certificates to the newly elected trustees, but not later than 25 days after the election. In order to organize, the trustees of the district must be given notice of the time and place where the organization meeting will be held, and at the meeting they shall choose one of their number as the presiding officer. In addition, except for the trustees of a high school district operating a county high school, the trustees shall employ and appoint a competent person, who is not a member of the trustees, as the clerk of the district. The trustees of a high school district operating a county high school shall appoint a secretary, who must be a member of the board.

(2) The presiding officer of the trustees of any district shall serve until the next organization meeting and shall preside at all the meetings of the trustees in accordance with the customary rules of order. The presiding officer shall perform the duties prescribed by this title and any other duties that normally pertain to a presiding officer.

(3) The presiding officer of a board of trustees of an elementary district may be any trustee of the board, including an additional trustee as provided for in 20-3-352(2). If an additional trustee is chosen to serve as the presiding officer of the board of trustees of an elementary district described in 20-3-351(1)(a), the additional trustee may not vote on issues pertaining only to the elementary district.

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