Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. School District Trustees

Powers Of Joint Board Of Trustees

20-3-362. Powers of joint board of trustees. (1) When a joint board of trustees is formed as provided by 20-3-361, it shall have the power to:

(a) jointly employ a district superintendent under the provisions of 20-4-401;

(b) jointly employ teachers and specialists under the provisions of 20-4-201;

(c) open a junior high school under the provisions of 20-6-505 if the trustees of a county high school and the trustees of an elementary district have formed a joint board of trustees;

(d) prescribe and administer joint administrative policy;

(e) jointly provide any program or service authorized under 20-3-324, including any joint provision of special education services; and

(f) prorate all items of joint expense among the school districts, provided that a controversy over any decision by the joint board to prorate joint costs may, within 30 days, be appealed by the trustees of any district to the superintendent of public instruction for a final decision as to what constitutes a fair and just proration of the cost.

(2) The joint board of trustees shall not have the power to transact business that is not specifically related to the joint administration of the districts.

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