Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Teachers' Powers, Duties, and Privileges

Duties Of Teacher -- Nonpayment For Failure To Comply

20-4-301. Duties of teacher -- nonpayment for failure to comply. (1) A teacher under contract with a district shall:

(a) conform to and enforce the laws, board of public education policies, and policies of the trustees of the district;

(b) use the course of instruction prescribed by the trustees;

(c) keep, in a neat and businesslike manner, a teacher's register of attendance and grades;

(d) within 10 days after the conclusion of each school semester, prepare a report that must include the pupil attendance and absence data from the teacher's register and grades. The report must be submitted to:

(i) the district superintendent, if there is one;

(ii) the principal of the school, if there is one and there is no district superintendent; or

(iii) the county superintendent or all county superintendents when the teacher is reporting for a joint district, if there is no district superintendent or principal.

(e) exercise due diligence in the care of school grounds and buildings, furniture, equipment, books, and supplies; and

(f) provide moral and civic instruction by:

(i) endeavoring to impress the pupils with the principles of morality, truth, justice, and patriotism, including any curriculum related to the flag prescribed by the trustees;

(ii) teaching the pupils to avoid idleness, profanity, and falsehood;

(iii) instructing the pupils in the principles of free government and training them to comprehend the rights, responsibilities, and dignity of American citizenship.

(2) The trustees are authorized to withhold the salary warrant of any teacher who does not comply with the provisions of subsection (1)(a) or (1)(b) until the teacher does comply with the provisions.

(3) The trustees may not pay any teacher the teacher's last month's salary until the teacher has provided a complete and accurate semester report to the required person, as determined by the person and as required in subsection (1)(d).

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