Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. School Districts -- General Provisions

Definition Of Elementary And High School Districts

20-6-101. Definition of elementary and high school districts. (1) As used in this title, except as defined in 20-9-402 for bonding purposes or unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the term "district" means the territory, regardless of county boundaries, organized under the provisions of this title to provide public educational services under the jurisdiction of the trustees prescribed by this title. High school districts may encompass all or parts of the territory of one or more elementary districts.

(2) (a) An elementary district is a district organized for the purpose of providing public education for all grades up to and including grade 8 and for preschool programs and kindergartens. An elementary district may be inactive if the district attaches to a high school district under the provisions of 20-6-701 to form a K-12 school district.

(b) A high school district is a district organized for the purpose of providing those public educational services authorized by this title for all grades beyond grade 8, including postsecondary programs, except those programs administered by community college districts or the Montana university system. A high school district with an attached elementary district may provide the educational services for an elementary district through the procedures established in 20-6-701 through 20-6-703.

(3) An elementary district is known as "District No....., ........ County" and a high school district, except a high school district where a county high school is operated, is known as "High School District No....., ........ County". A district is a body corporate and, as a body corporate, may sue and be sued, contract and be contracted with, and acquire, hold, use, and dispose of real or personal property for school purposes, within the limitations prescribed by law. Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the trustees of elementary districts and high school districts have the same types of powers, duties, and responsibilities authorized and imposed by the laws of Montana.

(4) As used in this title, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, a county high school is a high school district that has not unified with an elementary district under 20-6-312.

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