Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 6. School Property

Selection Of School Sites -- Approval Election

20-6-621. Selection of school sites -- approval election. (1) (a) Except as provided in subsection (1)(b), the trustees of a district may select the sites for school buildings or for other school purposes, but the selection must first be approved by the qualified electors of the district before a contract for the purchase of a site is entered into by the trustees.

(b) The trustees may purchase or otherwise acquire property contiguous to an existing site that is in use for school purposes without a site approval election. The trustees may take an option on a site prior to the site approval election.

(2) The election for the approval of a site must be called under the provisions of 20-20-201 and must be conducted in the manner prescribed by this title for school elections. An elector who may vote at a school site election is qualified to vote under the provisions of 20-20-301. If a majority of those voting at the election approve the site selection, the trustees may purchase the site. A site approval election is not required when the site was specifically identified in an election at which a building reserve levy or the issuance of bonds was approved for the purchase of the site.

(3) Any site for a school building or other building of the district that is selected or purchased by the trustees must:

(a) be in a place that is convenient, accessible, and suitable;

(b) comply with the minimum size and other requirements prescribed by the department of public health and human services; and

(c) comply with the statewide building regulations, if any, promulgated by the department of labor and industry.

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