Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Special Education for Exceptional Children

Residency Requirements -- Financial Responsibility For Special Education

20-7-420. Residency requirements -- financial responsibility for special education. (1) Except for a pupil attending the Montana youth challenge program or a job corps program pursuant to 20-9-707, a child's district of residence for special education purposes must be determined in accordance with the provisions of 1-1-215.

(2) The superintendent of public instruction is financially responsible for a portion of tuition and transportation as established under 20-5-323 and 20-5-324 for a child with a disability, as defined in 20-7-401, who attends school outside the district of residence because the student has been placed in a foster care or group home licensed by the state. The superintendent of public instruction is not financially responsible for tuition and transportation for a child who is placed by a state agency in an out-of-state public school or an out-of-state private residential facility.

(3) A state agency that makes a placement of a child with a disability is responsible for the financial costs of room and board and the treatment of the child. The state agency that makes an out-of-state placement of a child with a disability is responsible for the education fees required to provide a free appropriate public education that complies with the requirements of Title 20, chapter 7, part 4.

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