Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Traffic Education

Duties Of Superintendent Of Public Instruction

20-7-502. Duties of superintendent of public instruction. The superintendent of public instruction shall:

(1) develop, administer, and supervise a program of instruction in traffic education;

(2) establish basic course requirements in instruction for traffic education;

(3) establish the qualifications for a teacher of traffic education;

(4) approve teachers of traffic education when the teachers are qualified;

(5) establish criteria for traffic education course approval based on the basic course requirements, teacher of traffic education qualifications, and the requirements of law;

(6) approve traffic education courses when the courses meet the criteria for approval, including a commercially available private traffic education course;

(7) promulgate a policy for the distribution of the traffic education money to approved traffic education courses and annually order the distribution of the proceeds of the traffic education account in the manner required by law;

(8) assist districts with the conduct of traffic education;

(9) periodically conduct onsite driver education program reviews;

(10) establish any alternative course requirements necessary to allow a district to provide an online or distance learning classroom component for a traffic education course pursuant to 20-7-503(2)(a); and

(11) establish any alternative course requirements necessary to allow the student's parents or guardian to instruct the student in the hands-on driving component of a traffic education course pursuant to 20-7-503(2)(b).

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