Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. School Budgets

Final Budget Meeting

20-9-131. Final budget meeting. (1) On or before August 20, on the date and at the time and place stated in the notice published pursuant to 20-9-115, the trustees of each district shall meet to consider all budget information and any attachments required by law.

(2) The trustees may continue the meeting from day to day but shall adopt the final budget for the district and determine the amounts to be raised by tax levies for the district not later than August 25 and before the computation of the general fund net levy requirement by the county superintendent and the fixing of the tax levies for each district. Any taxpayer in the district may attend any portion of the trustees' meeting and be heard on the budget of the district or on any item or amount contained in the budget.

(3) Upon final approval, the trustees shall deliver the adopted budget, including the amounts to be raised by tax levies, to the county superintendent of schools within 3 days.

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