Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 3. Funding of Basic System of Quality Public Schools

Definition Of Interest And Income Money

20-9-341. Definition of interest and income money. (1) Subject to deductions made under 77-1-109, as used in this title, the term "interest and income money" means the total of the following revenue, as provided for by Article X, section 5, of the 1972 Montana constitution:

(a) 95% of the interest received from the investment of the public school fund;

(b) 95% of the interest received from the investment of any other school funds held in trust by the state board of land commissioners;

(c) 95% of the income received from the leasing of or sale of timber from state school lands; and

(d) 95% of any other income derived from any other covenant affecting the use of state school lands.

(2) The remaining 5% of the revenue described in subsections (1)(a) through (1)(d) must be annually credited to the public school fund after any deductions made under 77-1-109.

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