Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Funding of Basic System of Quality Public Schools

Distribution Of Base Aid And Special Education Allowable Cost Payments In Support Of Base Funding Program -- Exceptions

20-9-347. Distribution of BASE aid and special education allowable cost payments in support of BASE funding program -- exceptions. (1) The superintendent of public instruction shall:

(a) supply the county treasurer and the county superintendent with a monthly report of the payment of BASE aid in support of the BASE funding program of each district of the county;

(b) in the manner described in 20-9-344, provide for a state advance to each county in an amount that is no less than the amount anticipated to be raised for the elementary and high school county equalization funds as provided in 20-9-331 and 20-9-333; and

(c) adopt rules to implement the provisions of subsection (1)(b).

(2) (a) The superintendent of public instruction is authorized to adjust the schedule prescribed in 20-9-344 for distribution of the BASE aid payments if the distribution will cause a district to register warrants under the provisions of 20-9-212(8).

(b) To qualify for an adjustment in the payment schedule, a district shall demonstrate to the superintendent of public instruction, in the manner required by the office, that the payment schedule prescribed in 20-9-344 will result in insufficient money available in all funds of the district to make payment of the district's warrants. The county treasurer shall confirm the anticipated deficit. This section may not be construed to authorize the superintendent of public instruction to exceed a district's annual payment for BASE aid.

(3) The superintendent of public instruction shall:

(a) distribute special education allowable cost payments to districts; and

(b) supply the county treasurer and the county superintendent of schools with a report of payments for special education allowable costs to districts of the county.

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