Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 4. School Bonds

Additional Requirements For Trustees' Resolution Calling Bond Election

20-9-422. Additional requirements for trustees' resolution calling bond election. (1) In addition to the requirements for calling an election that are prescribed in 20-20-201 and 20-20-203, the trustees' resolution calling a school district bond election must:

(a) specify whether the bonds will be general obligation bonds, oil and natural gas revenue bonds, or impact aid revenue bonds and, if oil and natural gas revenue bonds, whether a tax deficiency is pledged to the repayment of the bonds;

(b) fix the exact amount of the bonds proposed to be issued, which may be more or less than the amounts estimated in a petition;

(c) fix the maximum number of years in which the proposed bonds would be paid;

(d) in the case of initiation by a petition, state the essential facts about the petition and its presentation; and

(e) state the amount of the state advance for school facilities estimated, pursuant to subsection (2), to be received by the district in the first school fiscal year in which a debt service payment would be due on the proposed bonds.

(2) Prior to the adoption of the resolution calling for a school bond election for a general obligation bond, the trustees of a district may request from the superintendent of public instruction a statement of the estimated amount of state advance for school facilities that the district will receive for debt service payments on the proposed general obligation bonds in the first school fiscal year in which a debt service payment is due. The district shall provide the superintendent with an estimate of the debt service payment due in the first school fiscal year. The superintendent shall estimate the state advance for the general obligation bond issue pursuant to 20-9-371(2).

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