Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. School Buses and Transportation

School Bus Driver Qualifications

20-10-103. School bus driver qualifications. A driver of a school bus is qualified to drive a school bus if the driver:

(1) is not less than 18 years of age;

(2) is of good moral character;

(3) (a) is the holder of a commercial driver's license to operate a school bus designed to carry more than 10 passengers; or

(b) is the holder of a Montana driver's license to operate a school bus designed to carry 10 or fewer passengers;

(4) has filed with the district a satisfactory medical examination report, on a form approved by the United States department of transportation, signed by any physician licensed in the United States or, if acceptable to an insurance carrier, any licensed physician;

(5) has completed a basic first aid course and holds a valid basic first aid certificate from an authorized instructor. The issuance of the certificate is governed by rules established by the superintendent of public instruction, provided that the rules may suspend this requirement for a reasonable period of time if there has been an inadequate opportunity for securing the basic first aid course and certificate.

(6) has complied with any other qualifications established by the board of public education; and

(7) has filed with the county superintendent a certificate from the trustees of the district for which the school bus is to be driven, certifying compliance with the driver qualifications enumerated in this section.

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