Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Finance

Determination Of Available Financing -- Fixing And Levying Property Taxation For Emergency Budget

20-15-326. Determination of available financing -- fixing and levying property taxation for emergency budget. (1) After the last day of the fiscal year for which an emergency budget has been adopted, the board of trustees shall determine the amount of the cash balance that is available to finance the emergency budget's outstanding warrants or registered warrants for each fund included on the emergency budget. The available amount of the cash balance of each fund must be determined by deducting from the county treasurer's yearend cash balance for the fund the outstanding warrants or registered warrants issued under the regularly adopted final budget for the fund and the cash reserve for the fund that the trustees have established, within the limitations of law, for the following fiscal year.

(2) The county treasurer shall prepare and deliver a statement on the financial cash status of each fund included on an emergency budget for a district that had an emergency budget during the preceding year to the board of county commissioners by the first Monday in August. The statement for each district emergency budget must include:

(a) the total amount of emergency warrants that are registered against each fund of the district; and

(b) the additional amount of money that is required to finance the registered warrants and interest on the warrants and that must be raised by a tax levy.

(3) For each fund of the emergency budget of each district requiring a tax levy as established by subsection (2)(b), the board of county commissioners shall at the time all other district and county taxes are fixed and levied, levy a tax on the taxable value of all taxable property of each applicable district that will raise sufficient financing to pay the amount established by the county treasurer.

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