Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Calling of and Preparation for School Elections

Election Notice

20-20-204. Election notice. (1) (a) When the trustees of a district call a school election, they shall give notice of the election not less than 10 days or more than 40 days before the election by:

(i) publishing a notice in a newspaper of general circulation if there is one in the district;

(ii) posting notices in three public places in the district; and

(iii) posting notice on the district's website, if the district has an active website, for 10 days prior to the election.

(b) Whenever, in the judgment of the trustees, the best interest of the district will be served by the supplemental publication or broadcast of the school election notice by any recognized media organization in the district, the trustees may cause the supplemental notification to be made.

(2) The notice of a school election, unless otherwise required by law, must specify:

(a) the date and polling places of the election;

(b) the hours that the polling places will be open;

(c) each proposition to be considered by the electorate;

(d) if there are trustees to be elected, the number of positions subject to election and the length of term of each position;

(e) where and how absentee ballots may be obtained; and

(f) where and how late registrants may obtain a ballot on election day.

(3) If more than one proposition is to be considered at the same school election, each proposition must be set apart and separately identified in the same notice or published in separate notices.

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