Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 4. Election Procedure

Trustees' Election Duties -- Ballot Certification

20-20-401. Trustees' election duties -- ballot certification. (1) The trustees are the general supervisors of school elections unless the trustees request and the county election administrator agrees to conduct a school election under 20-20-417.

(2) Not less than 30 days before an election, the clerk of the district shall certify the ballot by preparing a certified list of the names of all candidates entitled to be on the ballot subject to 13-37-126 and certifying the official wording for each ballot issue. The candidates' names must appear on the ballot in accordance with 13-12-203. The clerk shall arrange for printing the ballots. Ballots for absentee voting must be printed and available at least 20 days before the election. Names of candidates on school election ballots need not be rotated.

(3) Before the opening of the polls, the trustees shall cause each polling place to be supplied with the ballots and supplies necessary to conduct the election.

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