Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Miscellaneous Finance

Support Of University System

20-25-422. Support of university system. (1) For the support and endowment of the university, there is annually and perpetually appropriated:

(a) the university fund income, the proceeds and revenue from the grant of any estate or interest disposed of pursuant to 20-25-307, and all other sums of money appropriated by law to the university fund after any deductions made under 77-1-109;

(b) all tuition and matriculation fees; and

(c) all contributions derived from public or private bounty.

(2) The entire income of all the funds must be placed at the disposal of the board of regents by transfer to its treasurer and must be kept separate and distinct from all other funds. The income must be used solely for the support of the colleges and departments of the university or those connected with the colleges and departments.

(3) All means derived from other public or private bounty must be exclusively devoted to the specific objects designated by the donor.

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