Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. State Library Commission

State Library Commission -- Authority

22-1-103. State library commission -- authority. The state library commission may:

(1) give assistance and advice to all tax-supported or public libraries in the state and to all counties, cities, towns, or regions in the state that propose to establish libraries, as to the best means of establishing and improving those libraries;

(2) maintain and operate the state library and make provision for its housing;

(3) (a) accept and expend in accordance with the terms of a grant any grant of federal funds that is available to the state for library purposes;

(b) accept, receive, and administer any gifts, donations, bequests, and legacies made to the Montana state library. Unless otherwise provided by the donor, gifts, donations, bequests, and legacies must be deposited in the Montana state library trust established in 22-1-225.

(4) make rules and establish standards for the administration of the state library and for the control, distribution, and lending of books and materials;

(5) serve as the agency of the state to accept and administer any state, federal, or private funds or property appropriated for or granted to it for library service or foster libraries in the state and establish regulations under which funds must be disbursed;

(6) provide library services for the blind and for individuals with physical disabilities;

(7) furnish, by contract or otherwise, library assistance and information services to state officials, state departments, and residents of those parts of the state inadequately serviced by libraries;

(8) act as a state board of professional standards and library examiners, develop standards for public libraries, and adopt rules for the certification of librarians;

(9) designate areas for and establish federations of libraries.

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