Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 6. Snowmobiles


23-2-641. Enforcement. (1) With respect to the sale of any new snowmobile that is subject to the provisions of this part, the attorney general shall, upon the request of the department, sue for the recovery of the penalties provided in 23-2-642 and bring an action for a restraining order or temporary or permanent injunction against a person who sells or offers to sell a new snowmobile that does not satisfy the sound level limitations imposed by this part.

(2) (a) The department is a criminal justice agency for the purpose of obtaining the technical assistance and support services provided by the board of crime control under the provisions of 44-7-101. Authorized officers of the department are granted peace officer status with the power:

(i) of search, seizure, and arrest;

(ii) to investigate activities in this state regulated by this part and rules of the department and the fish and wildlife commission; and

(iii) to report violations to the county attorney of the county in which they occur.

(b) Sheriffs and their deputies of the various counties of the state, the Montana highway patrol, authorized officers of the department, and the police of each municipality shall enforce the provisions of this part.

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