Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 8. Off-Highway Vehicles

Decal Required

23-2-804. Decal required. (1) Except as provided in 23-2-802, an off-highway vehicle may not be operated by a person for off-road recreation on public lands in Montana unless there is displayed in a conspicuous place a decal, in a form prescribed by the department of justice and issued by the county treasurer, as visual proof that the following fees have been paid:

(a) the registration fee provided for in 61-3-321(5); or

(b) when the vehicle will be used as provided in this section, the registration and taxation fees for motorcycles and quadricycles subject to licensure under 61-3-321(8), as evidenced by presentation of an owner's certificate of registration and payment receipt. The county treasurer may confirm the registration status of a motorcycle or quadricycle by examining the current registration receipt for the vehicle or checking the electronic record of title for the vehicle.

(2) The decal must be serially numbered.

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