Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Administration

Duties Of Board

23-4-104. Duties of board. The board shall adopt rules to govern race meets and the parimutuel system. These rules shall include the following:

(1) definitions;

(2) auditing;

(3) supervision of the parimutuel system;

(4) corrupt practices;

(5) supervision, duties, and responsibilities of the executive secretary, presiding steward, racing secretary, and other racing officials;

(6) licensing of all personnel who have anything to do with the substantive operation of racing;

(7) the establishment of dates for race meets and meetings in the best interests of breeding and racing in this state;

(8) the veterinary practices and standards that must be observed in connection with race meets;

(9) absolute responsibility of trainers for the condition of horses and mules, regardless of the acts of third parties;

(10) licensing or renewal of a license of a person whose license has been suspended by the board or another horseracing jurisdiction;

(11) setting license fees commensurate with the cost of issuing a license;

(12) the time, conduct, and supervision of simulcast races and fantasy sports leagues and parimutuel betting on simulcast races and fantasy sports leagues;

(13) licensing, approval, and regulation of simulcast facilities; and

(14) licensing, approval, and regulation of match bronc rides and wild horse rides.

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