Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Race Meets

Licenses -- Contracts

23-4-201. Licenses -- contracts. (1) (a) A person may not hold a race meet or conduct fantasy sports league wagering through a parimutuel facility, parimutuel network, or a simulcast parimutuel network conducting a fantasy sports league in this state without a valid license issued by the department under this chapter. A person applying for a license to hold a race meet under this chapter shall file with the department an application that must set forth the time, place, and number of days the license will continue and other information the board requires.

(b) A person may not conduct simulcast racing through a simulcast parimutuel network without having entered into a contract with the board.

(2) A person who participates in a race meet, except for a match bronc ride or a wild horse ride, must be licensed and charged an annual fee set by the board. The annual fee must be paid to the department and used for expenses of administering this chapter. Each person holding a license under this chapter shall comply with this chapter and with the rules adopted and orders issued by the board.

(3) A license may not be issued to a person who has failed to pay the fees, taxes, or money required under this chapter.

(4) An application to hold a race meet must be submitted to the department, and the board shall act on the application within 30 days. The board is the sole judge of whether the race meet may be licensed and the number of days the meet may continue.

(5) The board shall require that a fair board and an independent racing association conducting a race meet comply with the requirements of the rules adopted by the board before granting a license.

(6) A racing association consisting of a local fair board or an association approved by a local fair board may submit a contract proposal to the board to hold a simulcast race meet in a simulcast facility.

(7) An unexpired license held by a person who violates this chapter or who fails to pay to the department the sums required under this chapter is subject to cancellation and revocation by the board.

(8) A license to operate a parimutuel facility conducting fantasy sports league wagering may not be issued to an applicant unless the applicant is also licensed under Title 23, chapter 5.

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