Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Race Meets

Race Exclusively For Montana-Bred Horses -- Bonus For Winner

23-4-204. Race exclusively for Montana-bred horses -- bonus for winner. (1) For the purpose of encouraging the breeding in this state of valuable registered horses, at least one race each day at each race meet must be limited to horses bred in this state unless, in the board's judgment, there is an insufficient number of Montana-bred horses for the race. If in the opinion of the board sufficient competition cannot be had among this class of horses, the race may be eliminated for the day and a substitute race provided instead. Races with exclusively Montana-bred horses must be run for 20% higher purses than races in comparable conditions that are not run with exclusively Montana-bred horses.

(2) The licensee conducting the race meet shall pay a sum equal to 10% of the first money of every purse won by a horse bred in this state to the breeder of the horse within 30 days of the end of the race meet. Only the money contributed by the licensee conducting the race meet may be considered in computing the bonus.

(3) Three percent of exotic wagering on a simulcast race must be deposited in a state special revenue account. The board shall then distribute all funds collected under this subsection to live race purses or for other purposes that the board considers appropriate for the good of the existing horseracing industry.

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