Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. General Provisions, Proceedings, and Penalties

Premises Approval

23-5-117. Premises approval. (1) The department may approve a premises for issuance or operation of an operator's license if the premises meets the requirements contained in subsections (2) and (3).

(2) The premises may include any concessioned area provided for in 16-4-418 and must:

(a) be a structure or facility that is clearly defined by permanently installed walls that extend from floor to ceiling;

(b) have a unique address assigned by the local government in which the premises is located;

(c) have a public external entrance, leading to a street or other common area, that is not shared with another premises for which an operator's license has been issued; and

(d) be designed and arranged to allow for observation and control of all gambling activities by the gambling operator.

(3) If the premises shares a common internal wall with another premises for which an operator's license has been issued, the common wall must be permanently installed, opaque, and extend from floor to ceiling and may not contain an internal entrance through which public access is allowed.

(4) The department may not provide additional requirements in rulemaking for premises suitability related to seating."

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