Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Card Games Act

Poker Run Defined -- Authorization -- Conditions

23-5-318. Poker run defined -- authorization -- conditions. (1) For the purposes of this section, "poker run" means a gambling activity involving a live poker card game conducted in the following manner:

(a) Each person pays valuable consideration to participate.

(b) A participant travels to designated locations and obtains a playing card at each location. Cards accumulated by the participant constitute a poker hand.

(c) After each participant has accumulated the required number of cards, the participants' poker hands are ranked as described in the poker run rules to determine the winner.

(2) It is lawful to conduct or participate in a poker run subject to the following conditions:

(a) Each participant must receive a copy of the rules for conducting the poker run before the poker run begins. The rules must include:

(i) the amount of the entry fee;

(ii) the type of poker game being played and ranking of poker hands;

(iii) the value of the prizes to be awarded;

(iv) a description of the locations where playing cards may be obtained; and

(v) the date and time during which the poker run will be conducted.

(b) The rules may provide for more than one winner of the ranked hands, with each winner receiving a prize, but a prize may not exceed $800 in value.

(c) Except as provided in subsection (2)(d), all consideration paid to participate in a poker run must be expended on the prize or prizes.

(d) If a poker run is conducted by a nonprofit organization, as defined in 23-5-112, the organization may retain a portion of the total amount paid to participate.

History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 317, L. 1993; amd. Sec. 3, Ch. 64, L. 2013.