Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 6. Video Gaming Machine Control Law

Video Gambling Machines -- Possession -- Play -- Restriction

23-5-603. Video gambling machines -- possession -- play -- restriction. (1) A licensed operator may make available for public play only the number of approved video gambling machines specifically authorized by this part.

(2) The video gambling machines specifically authorized by this part are bingo, poker, keno, video line, and multigame video gambling machines. Only the number of approved machines for which permits have been granted under 23-5-612 may be made available for play by the public on the premises of a licensed operator. The department shall adopt rules allowing a video gambling machine that needs repair to be temporarily replaced while it is being repaired with a video gambling machine that is approved under the permit provisions of this part. A fee may not be charged for the replacement machine.

(3) A video line game approved by the department for play must be made available to any licensed machine owner.

(4) A manufacturer may not charge a fee for the use of a bingo, poker, keno, video line, or multigame video gambling machine on a daily basis or any other periodic basis.

(5) A licensed operator, distributor, route operator, or manufacturer is prohibited from referencing games not authorized under this title in advertising, promoting, or inducing play of a video gambling machine. The department shall further define by rule what advertising is allowed under this subsection.

(6) Machines on premises appropriately licensed to sell alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption, as provided in 23-5-119, must be placed:

(a) in a room, area, or other part of the premises in which alcoholic beverages are sold or consumed; and

(b) within control of the operator for the purpose of preventing access to the machines by persons under 18 years of age.

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