Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 8. Fantasy Sports Leagues

Fantasy Sports Leagues Defined

23-5-801. Fantasy sports leagues defined. As used in this part, a "fantasy sports league" means a gambling activity conducted in the following manner:

(1) A fantasy sports league consists of a limited number of persons or groups of persons who pay an entrance fee for membership in the league. The entrance fee may include an administrative fee.

(2) Each league member creates a fictitious team composed of athletes from a given professional sport, such as baseball, basketball, or football. Player selection is conducted through random drawings, a bidding process, or by selection from a roster prepared by the parimutuel network coordinator.

(3) Except for fantasy sports leagues operated under Title 23, chapter 4, after the initial teams are selected, interim replacement of players may occur by trade or purchase. A specific fee, which may not exceed the total entrance fee, is charged for each transaction.

(4) A method, as defined by league rules, is devised to permit each team to compete against other teams in the league. Points are awarded to a team according to the performance of individual players or teams or both during a designated time period.

(5) A league member may be eligible to receive a payout based on the number of points accumulated. Payouts, which may be in the form of cash or prizes, are awarded according to league rules.

(6) The roster of eligible participants prepared by the parimutuel network must be provided to each league member.

(7) Rules governing the conduct of the fantasy sports league must be provided in writing to each league member.

History: En. Sec. 21, Ch. 647, L. 1991; amd. Sec. 8, Ch. 387, L. 2007.