Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Administration

Powers And Duties Of Director

23-7-211. Powers and duties of director. (1) The director shall:

(a) administer the operation of the state lottery in accordance with this chapter and the rules and other directives of the commission;

(b) appoint an assistant director for security and employ and direct personnel necessary to the operation of the state lottery;

(c) license lottery ticket, chance, and sports wagering sales agents and suspend or revoke licenses pursuant to this chapter and commission rules; and

(d) maintain, with the assistant director for security, the security of the state lottery.

(2) (a) With the concurrence of the commission or pursuant to commission rules, the director may enter into contracts for materials, equipment, and supplies to be used in the operation of the state lottery, for the design and installation of games, for consultant services, for promotion of the lottery, for the sale of tickets, chances, wagers, and bets, and for other services. The state shall provide for management, security, and internal audit control.

(b) When a contract is awarded, a performance bond satisfactory to and in an amount determined by the commission and executed by a surety company authorized to do business in this state or otherwise secured in a manner satisfactory to the commission must be delivered to the commission. The requirements for this bond must be at least as stringent as those stated in 18-4-312(3).

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