Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Entry of Judgment and Satisfaction -- Lien

Entry Of Satisfaction Of Judgment In Docket

25-9-311. Entry of satisfaction of judgment in docket. Satisfaction of a judgment may be entered in the clerk's docket upon an execution returned satisfied or upon an acknowledgment of satisfaction filed with the clerk, made in the manner of an acknowledgment of a conveyance of real property by the judgment creditor or by the judgment creditor's endorsement on the face or on the margin of the record of the judgment or by the judgment creditor's attorney unless a revocation of the attorney's authority is filed. Whenever a judgment is satisfied in fact otherwise than upon an execution, the party or attorney shall give the acknowledgment or make the endorsement, and upon motion, the court may compel the acknowledgment or endorsement or may order the entry of satisfaction to be made without the acknowledgment or endorsement.

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