Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Allowable Costs

Costs Generally Allowable

25-10-201. Costs generally allowable. A party to whom costs are awarded in an action is entitled to include in the party's bill of costs the party's necessary disbursements, as follows:

(1) the legal fees of witnesses, including mileage, or referees and other officers;

(2) the expenses of taking depositions;

(3) the legal fees for publication when publication is directed;

(4) the legal fees paid for filing and recording papers and certified copies of papers necessarily used in the action or on the trial;

(5) the legal fees paid stenographers for per diem or for copies;

(6) the reasonable expenses of printing papers for a hearing when required by a rule of court;

(7) the reasonable expenses of making transcript for the supreme court;

(8) the reasonable expenses for making a map or maps if required and necessary to be used on trial or hearing; and

(9) other reasonable and necessary expenses that are taxable according to the course and practice of the court or by express provision of law.

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