Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. General Provisions

Actual Versus Ostensible Agency -- Limitation

28-10-103. Actual versus ostensible agency -- limitation. (1) An agency is either actual or ostensible. An agency is actual when the agent is really employed by the principal. An agency is ostensible when the principal intentionally or by want of ordinary care causes a third person to believe another to be the principal's agent when that person is not really employed by the principal.

(2) Except as provided in subsection (3), for purposes of a malpractice claim, as defined in 27-6-103, liability may not be imposed on a health care provider, as defined in 27-6-103, for an act or omission by a person or entity alleged to have been an ostensible agent of the health care provider at the time that the act or omission occurred.

(3) (a) Subsection (2) is not applicable unless the health care provider has instituted a policy or practice requiring persons providing independent professional services to have insurance of a type and in the amount required by the rules and regulations of the medical staff, by the medical staff bylaws, or by other similar health care facility rules or regulations. The insurance provided for in this subsection must be in effect for the period of time during which a medical malpractice action must be brought as provided in 27-2-205.

(b) Failure of a health care provider providing independent professional services to comply with a policy or practice implementing subsection (3)(a) constitutes unprofessional conduct pursuant to 37-1-316(1)(q) and 37-2-304.

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