Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Registration

General Provisions Regarding Registration Of Securities

30-10-206. General provisions regarding registration of securities. (1) A registration statement may be filed by the issuer, any other person on whose behalf the offering is to be made, or a registered broker-dealer. The commissioner may by rule or otherwise permit the omission of any item of information or document from any registration statement.

(2) (a) The commissioner may require as a condition of registration by qualification or coordination:

(i) that the following securities be deposited in escrow:

(A) any security issued within the past 3 years or to be issued to:

(I) a promoter for a consideration substantially different from the public offering price; or

(II) any person for a consideration other than cash; and

(B) any security issued or to be issued to a promoter while a corporation is still in a promotional or developmental stage; however, if shares were issued by a corporation while it was in a promotional or developmental stage and it no longer is in that stage, then this condition does not apply; and

(ii) that the proceeds from the sale of the registered security in this state be impounded until the issuer receives a specified amount from the sale of the security either in this state or elsewhere.

(b) The commissioner may determine the conditions of any escrow or impounding required, but may not reject a depository solely because of location in another state.

(3) When securities are registered by notification, coordination, or qualification, they may be offered and sold by the issuer, any other person on whose behalf they are registered, or by any registered broker-dealer. A registration must remain effective for a period of 1 year unless it is revoked by the commissioner, terminated upon request of the registrant with the consent of the commissioner, or renewed under 30-10-209(1)(b). However, the registration must be automatically suspended upon a stop order or suspension proceedings being instituted by the securities and exchange commission relative to the securities and must continue to be suspended so long as the proceedings are pending and until the registration or filing with the securities and exchange commission is effective. All outstanding securities of the same class as a currently registered security are considered to be registered for the purpose of any nonissuer transaction. A registration statement which has become effective may not be withdrawn for 1 year from its effective date if any securities of the same class are outstanding. Subject to the provisions of 30-10-104 and 30-10-105, a salesperson who offers or sells registered securities must be registered pursuant to 30-10-201.

(4) The commissioner may require the person who filed the registration statement to file reports to keep reasonably current the information contained in the registration statement and to disclose the progress of the offering with respect to registered securities that are being offered and sold directly by or for the account of the issuer.

(5) A securities registration statement may not be withdrawn, whether or not the statement has become effective, without the express written consent of the commissioner.

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