Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Registration

Examination Costs

30-10-210. Examination costs. (1) An issuer, broker-dealer, or investment adviser who is examined in connection with a registration under parts 1 through 3 of this chapter shall reimburse the commissioner or any of the commissioner's authorized agents, officers, or employees for actual travel expenses, a reasonable living expense allowance, and a per diem as compensation of examiners, which are necessarily incurred on account of the examination, upon presentation of a detailed account of the charges and expenses by the commissioner or pursuant to the commissioner's written authorization; however, reimbursement of expenses may not be required for routine examinations performed in connection with an application for registration. A person may not pay and an examiner may not accept additional emolument on account of an examination.

(2) The commissioner shall deposit examination costs collected under this section in the special revenue account provided for in 30-10-115. The commissioner may give written authorization for payment of the examination costs referred to in subsection (1) by the person examined directly to the examiner.

(3) If an issuer, broker-dealer, or investment adviser fails to pay the charges and expenses referred to in subsection (1), the charges and expenses must be paid out of the funds of the commissioner in the same manner as other disbursements of those funds. The amount paid is a first lien upon all of the assets and property in this state of the issuer, broker-dealer, or investment adviser and may be recovered by suit by the attorney general on behalf of the state of Montana and restored to the appropriate fund. Failure of the issuer, broker-dealer, or investment adviser to pay the charges and expenses also works a forfeiture of the right to do business in this state under parts 1 through 3 of this chapter.

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