Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Business Registration and Licensing -- Board of Review

Participation Of State Agencies

30-16-303. Participation of state agencies. (1) The legislature directs full participation in the implementation of this chapter by:

(a) the departments of agriculture, environmental quality, revenue, justice, labor and industry, and public health and human services;

(b) the public service commission; and

(c) other agencies as directed by the governor.

(2) The board of review may include licenses not specified in 30-16-301 in a plan for streamlined registration and licensing if:

(a) the agency administering the license requests that the license be included in the plan;

(b) the board of review approves including the license by a majority vote of a quorum of the board of review; and

(c) licensees affected by the license's inclusion in the plan are given 60 days' notice of the plan's implementation and the notice sets forth in detail the changes in the licensing procedures.

(3) If a license is included in a streamlined registration and licensing plan pursuant to subsection (2):

(a) the agency administering the license may provide for a variance in the timing of the payment of the license fee and a variance in the application form, filing date, and penalty provisions in order to conform with the plan's criteria;

(b) the board of review shall provide for the equitable proration to the agency administering the license of any fees paid by a licensee prior to the plan's implementation; and

(c) the license must be processed and issued by the department of revenue as provided in this chapter.

(4) (a) In order to defray the costs associated with administering a streamlined registration and licensing plan, the department may require a transfer of funds from the participating agencies in an amount equal to no more than one-half of the total cost of processing and issuing a license.

(b) The amount remaining of the total cost of processing and issuing a license may be charged to the license applicant.

(c) The amount of funds transferred by an agency must be based on the number of licenses processed and issued on behalf of that agency versus the total number of licenses processed and issued under the streamlined registration and licensing plan.

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