Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 7. Montana Deferred Deposit Loan Act

Loan Requirements -- Right Of Rescission -- Arbitration -- Completion Of Transaction

31-1-715. Loan requirements -- right of rescission -- arbitration -- completion of transaction. (1) A deferred deposit loan may not have a term that exceeds 31 days.

(2) The amount of the deferred deposit loan, exclusive of the fee allowed in 31-1-722(2), may not exceed $300.

(3) The minimum amount of a deferred deposit loan is $50.

(4) The check written by the consumer in a deferred deposit loan must be made payable to the licensee.

(5) (a) The loan agreement must contain a provision that the consumer may rescind the transaction if, by 5 p.m. of the licensee's first business day following the day that the loan was executed, the consumer provides the licensee with cash or certified funds equaling 100% of the amount loaned to the consumer.

(b) A licensee may not charge a consumer any fee or interest if the consumer rescinds the loan as provided in subsection (5)(a).

(c) Except as provided in subsection (5)(a), a consumer does not have a right to rescind the loan unless the licensee agrees to the rescission.

(6) (a) A loan agreement may not contain a mandatory arbitration clause that is oppressive, unconscionable, unfair, or in substantial derogation of a consumer's rights.

(b) A mandatory arbitration clause that complies with the applicable standards of the American arbitration association must be presumed to not violate the provisions of subsection (6)(a).

(7) Only the licensee may make an electronic deduction from the consumer's account. The licensee shall ensure that information obtained from the consumer about the consumer's account remains confidential.

(8) The licensee shall provide the consumer, or each consumer if there is more than one, with a copy of the loan documents described in 31-1-721 upon consummation of the loan.

(9) The holder or assignee of any check written by a consumer in connection with a deferred deposit loan takes the instrument subject to all claims and defenses of the consumer.

(10) A deferred deposit loan transaction is completed when the licensee receives payment in full from the consumer in cash or, if payment is made by check or electronic transfer from the consumer's account, when the check or electronic transfer is debited to the consumer's account by the consumer's financial institution. Once a deferred deposit loan transaction is complete, a licensee may enter into a new deferred deposit loan with the consumer. Deferred deposit loans may not be renewed or extended.

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