Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Functions of State Banking Board and Department of Administration

Rules Adopted By Board -- New Banks

32-1-203. Rules adopted by board -- new banks. The board may adopt rules necessary for the administration of 32-1-201 through 32-1-206 in accordance with the Montana Administrative Procedure Act. In particular, the board shall adopt rules concerning the authorization of new banks organized under the laws of this state. Rules must contain minimum standards under which an application for a new bank must be determined, including the following:

(1) a persuasive showing that there is a reasonable public necessity and demand for a new bank at the proposed location;

(2) that the bank will be owned and managed by persons of good moral character and financial integrity and will be safely and soundly operated;

(3) a persuasive showing that the new bank will have a sufficient volume of business to ensure solvency and that establishment of the new bank organized under the laws of this state will be in the public interest.

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