Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. State-Chartered Banks and Functions ofDepartment of Administration

Department To Make Rules

32-1-218. Department to make rules. (1) The department may promulgate reasonable rules and orders concerning bookkeeping and accounting by state banks, including the keeping of reasonable credit information, information in connection with assets, or information in connection with charged-off items.

(2) The department may adopt uniform rules to govern the examination and reports of banks and trust companies and prescribe the form in which banks and trust companies report their assets, liabilities, and reserves.

(3) The department may promulgate reasonable rules concerning applications for and determinations on applications for the formation, relocation, closure, and sale of branch banks and applications for the formation, consolidation, and merger of shell banks.

(4) The department may adopt rules, issue orders and declaratory statements, disseminate information, and exercise its discretion to effectuate the purposes, policies, and provisions of this chapter.

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