Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Formation and Reorganization

Board Of Directors -- Qualifications, Tenure, And Vacancies

32-1-322. Board of directors -- qualifications, tenure, and vacancies. (1) The affairs of the bank must be managed by a board of directors consisting of not less than three persons. At least two-thirds of the board must be residents of Montana. Directors need not be shareholders of the corporation unless required by the articles of incorporation or bylaws. A person who has been convicted of a crime against the banking laws of the United States or of any state may not be elected a director.

(2) The directors must be elected for a term of 1 year at the annual meeting of the stockholders. The annual meeting must be held before April 15 of each calendar year. If the election is not held on the day fixed for the annual meeting, the corporation is not dissolved, but an election may be held at any other time agreeable to the bylaws of the corporation, and the persons elected shall hold their office until successors are elected and qualified. Every director shall take and subscribe an oath that the director will diligently and honestly perform the director's duty in the office and that the director will not knowingly violate or permit a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter. The oaths must be made in duplicate; one copy must be transmitted to and filed with the department, and one copy must be kept on file in the office of the bank.

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