Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Operation and Officers

Election Or Appointment Of Officials

32-3-403. Election or appointment of officials. (1) The credit union must be directed by a board, consisting of an odd number of at least five directors, to be elected at the annual membership meeting by and from the members. All members of the board shall hold office for terms that the bylaws provide.

(2) The board of directors shall appoint a supervisory committee of at least three members during the organizational meeting. Subsequent appointments must be within 30 days after each annual meeting of the members for terms that the bylaws provide. The bylaws may provide that the board of directors of the credit union serves as the supervisory committee. The duties and powers of the supervisory committee must be established by the department of administration by rule.

(3) The bylaws must provide for either:

(a) a credit committee, to be either appointed by the board of directors or elected by the members; or

(b) a credit manager, to be appointed by the board of directors.

(4) If the bylaws provide for a credit committee, the committee must consist of an odd number of at least three members, who shall serve for terms that the bylaws provide. The bylaws must specify the number of members of the credit committee and the number of credit committee members needed for a quorum.

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