Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Operation of Business -- Restrictions and Requirements

Insurance -- Real Property Security -- Definitions

32-5-306. Insurance -- real property security -- definitions. (1) Except as provided in this section, insurance may not be written by a licensee or employee, affiliate, or associate of the licensee in connection with any loan.

(2) Insurance permitted under the provisions of this section must be obtained through an insurance company authorized to conduct business in Montana by a licensed insurance producer or agency of this state. Premiums may not exceed those fixed by law or current applicable manual rates. Insurance written as authorized by this section may contain a mortgagee clause or other appropriate provisions to protect the insurable interest of the licensee.

(3) (a) When the principal amount of the loan exceeds $300 exclusive of the portion of the loan attributable to insurance premiums and fees, the licensee may require a borrower to insure property offered as security against any substantial risk of loss, damage, or destruction for an amount not to exceed the reasonable value of the property insured or the amount of the loan, whichever is smaller, and for the customary term approximating the term of the loan contract. It is optional with the borrower to obtain insurance in an amount greater than the amount of the loan or for a longer term.

(b) A lender may not require a borrower, as a condition of obtaining or maintaining a loan secured by real property, to provide insurance on improvements to real property in an amount that exceeds the reasonable replacement value of the improvements.

(4) Subject to the laws of this state, credit life insurance, credit disability insurance, and loss of income insurance may be provided at the expense of the borrower and may be provided by a licensee upon the request of the borrower when the principal amount of the loan exceeds $300, exclusive of the portion of the loan attributable to insurance premiums and fees.

(5) The insurance authorized by this section may be sold, obtained, or provided by or through a licensee, and the premium or identifiable fee for the insurance may be included in the principal amount of the loan. However, a licensee may not require a borrower to purchase insurance from the licensee or from any particular insurance producer, broker, or insurance company as a condition precedent for obtaining a loan. Any gain or advantage to the licensee or any employee, affiliate, or associate of the licensee from the sale, provision, or obtaining of insurance as authorized by this section may not be considered to be a violation of this chapter.

(6) A licensee may not require insurance under this section until any existing insurance of the same type has expired or has been canceled.

(7) As used in this section:

(a) "borrower" means a mortgagor, grantor of a deed of trust, or other debtor;

(b) "improvement to real property" means a fixture, building, or other structure attached to real property and intended as a permanent addition to the real property; and

(c) "lender" means a mortgagee, beneficiary of a deed of trust, or other creditor who holds a mortgage, deed of trust, or other instrument that encumbers real property as security for the repayment of a debt.

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