Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Authorization of Insurers

Suspension Or Revocation For Violations And Special Grounds

33-2-119. Suspension or revocation for violations and special grounds. (1) The commissioner may suspend or revoke an insurer's certificate of authority if, after a hearing, the commissioner finds that the insurer has:

(a) violated any lawful order of the commissioner or any provision of this code other than those for which suspension or revocation is mandatory;

(b) reinsured more than 90% of its risks resident, located, or to be performed in Montana, in another insurer. In considering suspension or revocation, the commissioner shall consider all relevant factors, including whether:

(i) after the reinsurance transaction all parties will be in compliance with Montana law; and

(ii) the transaction will substantially reduce protection and service to Montana policyholders.

(2) The commissioner shall, after a hearing, suspend or revoke an insurer's certificate of authority if the commissioner finds that the insurer:

(a) is in unsound condition or in a condition or using methods or practices in the conduct of its business that render its further transaction of insurance in Montana injurious or hazardous to its policyholders or to the public;

(b) has refused to be examined or to produce its accounts, records, and files for examination or if any of its officers have refused to give information with respect to its affairs, when required by the commissioner;

(c) has failed to pay any final judgment rendered against it in Montana within 30 days after the judgment became final;

(d) with such frequency as to indicate its general business practice in Montana, has without just cause refused to pay a proper claim arising under its policies, whether the claim is in favor of an insured or is in favor of a third person with respect to the liability of an insured to the third person, or without just cause compels the insured or claimant to accept less than the amount due the claimant or to employ attorneys or to bring suit against the insurer or insured to secure full payment or settlement of the claims;

(e) is affiliated with and under the same general management or interlocking directorate or ownership as another insurer that transacts direct insurance in Montana without having a certificate of authority, except as permitted as to a surplus lines insurer under part 3 of this chapter.

(3) The commissioner may, without advance notice or a hearing, immediately suspend the certificate of authority of any insurer as to which proceedings for receivership, conservatorship, rehabilitation, or other delinquency proceedings have been commenced in any state.

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