Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Authorization of Surplus Lines Insurers, Insurance Producers, and Insurance

Revocation Or Suspension Of License

33-2-313. Revocation or suspension of license. (1) The commissioner shall revoke or suspend any surplus lines insurance producer's license, together with any license as an insurance producer:

(a) if the insurance producer fails to file a tax and fee statement or to remit the tax and fee as required by law;

(b) if the insurance producer fails to keep the records or to allow the commissioner to examine the records, as required by law;

(c) if the insurance producer falsifies the submission form required by 33-2-310;

(d) if the insurance producer closes the surplus lines insurance producer office for a period of more than 30 business days, unless the commissioner grants permission otherwise;

(e) if the insurance producer violates any provision of this part; or

(f) for any of the causes for which an insurance producer's license may be revoked.

(2) The procedures provided by 33-17-1001 for the suspension, revocation, or refusal to license or renew a license or for imposing a fine on an insurance producer or applicant apply to the suspension, revocation, or refusal to license or renew a license or to imposing a fine on a surplus lines insurance producer or applicant.

(3) An insurance producer whose license has been revoked or suspended may not again be licensed within 1 year after revocation or suspension or until the insurance producer pays all penalties and delinquent taxes that are owed.

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