Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 4. Standard Valuation

Deposit Of Reserves -- Domestic Life Insurers

33-2-416. Deposit of reserves -- domestic life insurers. (1) Domestic life insurers shall deposit and maintain on deposit, in securities and assets, with depositaries and subject to conditions as provided for in part 6 of this chapter, an amount not less than the reserves on its outstanding life insurance policies and annuity contracts, as valued under 33-2-407 through 33-2-412, minus policy loans.

(2) Annually on or before April 1, the insurer shall deposit any additional securities or assets required under subsection (1) and related to the increase of the reserves, minus policy loans, during the preceding calendar year, as determined from the insurer's annual statement as at December 31 of the preceding year.

(3) A domestic stock life insurer may credit toward the deposit the amount of any other deposit of the insurer held under part 6 of this chapter for the protection of its policyholders or of its policyholders and creditors.

(4) Deposits of the reserves of a domestic life insurer under this section must consist of securities and assets acquired and valued in accordance with chapter 12 and part 5 of this chapter.

(5) Real estate mortgage loans and chattel mortgage loans may be made a part of the deposit by filing a verified statement of the loans with the commissioner. The statement is subject to audit at all times by the commissioner. Nonnegotiable securities deposited with the commissioner must be accompanied by transfer powers in due form. If the insurer uses real estate acquired under 33-12-207 as a deposit, then a deed of trust, mortgage, or other instrument sufficient to convey a security interest in the real estate, in a form acceptable to the commissioner, must be completed in due form and recorded prior to being deposited with the commissioner.

(6) If default occurs in the payment of interest or principal of any deposited security and the default continues for a period of 120 days, the commissioner may declare the security no longer eligible for deposit under this section.

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