Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Policy Provisions

Contents Of Policies In General -- Identification

33-15-303. Contents of policies in general -- identification. (1) Each policy must specify:

(a) the names of the parties to the contract;

(b) the subject of the insurance;

(c) the risks insured against;

(d) the time when the insurance under the policy takes effect and the period during which the insurance is to continue;

(e) the premium;

(f) the conditions pertaining to the insurance.

(2) If under the policy the exact amount of premium is determinable only at stated intervals or termination of the contract, a statement of the basis and rates upon which the premium is to be determined and paid must be included.

(3) All policies and annuity contracts issued by insurers and the forms of policies and annuity contracts filed with the commissioner must have printed on the policy or annuity contract an appropriate designating letter or figure, combination of letters or figures, or terms identifying the respective forms of policies or contracts. Each form, including riders and endorsements, must be identified by a designating letter or figure placed in a lower, preferably left-hand, corner of the first page of the form. Whenever any change is made in any form, the designating letters, figures, or terms on the form must be correspondingly changed and the revision date must be noted next to the designating letters.

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