Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 10. Workers' Compensation Rates and Advisory Organizations

Classification Review Committee -- Membership -- Term

33-16-1011. Classification review committee -- membership -- term. (1) There is a classification review committee.

(2) The committee is composed of five voting members, consisting of:

(a) two representatives of private insurance carriers writing workers' compensation insurance in Montana. The members must be appointed by the Montana commissioner of insurance.

(b) one licensed independent insurance producer who resides in Montana, appointed by the commissioner of insurance;

(c) one representative of the state compensation insurance fund who is an employee of the state fund and who is appointed by the executive director of the state fund; and

(d) one representative of an employer who is insured by either a private insurance carrier or the state compensation insurance fund, appointed by the commissioner of insurance.

(3) Each member shall hold office for a period of 3 years. An appointee who fills the vacancy of a member whose term has not expired shall fill only the remaining term and may be reappointed for a full term.

(4) Before appointments are to be made by the commissioner of insurance under subsections (2)(a), (2)(b), and (2)(d), established private organizations representing insurance carriers, independent insurance producers, and employers may submit names of individuals they recommend for appointments. The commissioner of insurance shall consider the names submitted before appointments are made. However, the commissioner of insurance is not required to appoint any person from the names submitted.

(5) The committee must be staffed by the advisory organization designated under 33-16-1023 and be funded by the advisory organization. Committee members may, if they request, be paid their actual and necessary travel expenses.

(6) Documents and other information concerning the committee's actions must be made available for public review in the office of the commissioner of insurance.

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