Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Licensing and Appointment of Insurance Producers and Navigators

Appointment Of Insurance Producers -- Continuation And Termination

33-17-231. Appointment of insurance producers -- continuation and termination. (1) Each insurer appointing an insurance producer in this state shall file with the commissioner the appointment, specifying the kinds of insurance to be transacted by the insurance producer for the insurer. The appointment may be electronically filed. The commissioner may adopt rules to implement electronic filing.

(2) Each appointment remains in effect until the insurance producer's license is revoked or otherwise terminated unless written notice of earlier termination of the appointment is filed with the commissioner by the insurer or the insurance producer. The written notice may be electronically filed. The commissioner may adopt rules to implement electronic filing. Termination of the insurer's authority in Montana also terminates the appointment.

(3) Subject to the insurance producer's contract rights, an insurer may terminate an insurance producer's appointment at any time. The insurer shall promptly give written notice of the termination to the commissioner and to the insurance producer. The commissioner may require reasonable proof that the insurer has given notice to the insurance producer.

(4) As part of the notice of termination given the commissioner, the insurer shall file with the commissioner a statement of the facts relative to the termination and the cause of termination. Any information or statement contained in the notice of termination is not admissible as evidence in any action or proceeding against the insurer or any representative of the insurer by or on behalf of any person affected by the termination.

(5) (a) An insurer that sells a qualified health plan in an exchange operating in this state shall appoint any producer who is certified by the commissioner pursuant to 33-17-243 and follows the appointment application process required by that insurer.

(b) To maintain the appointment, the producer shall maintain the producer's certification and license in good standing.

(6) An appointment by affiliation terminates automatically on termination of the affiliation.

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