Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 11. Conduct of Business by Insurance Producers

Accepting And Paying Commissions, Fees, Or Consideration

33-17-1103. Accepting and paying commissions, fees, or consideration. (1) An insurer or insurance producer may not pay, directly or indirectly, a commission, service fee, brokerage fee, or other valuable consideration to a person for services as an insurance producer unless the person performing the service holds a valid license with regard to the kind or kinds of insurance for which the service was rendered at the time the service was performed. A person not properly licensed in accordance with this chapter at the time the person performs the service as an insurance producer may not accept a commission, service fee, brokerage fee, or other valuable consideration for the service. This section does not prevent payment or receipt of renewal or other deferred commissions to or by a person entitled to receive the payment under this section.

(2) An insurance producer may not directly or indirectly share the insurance producer's commissions or other compensation received or to be received by the insurance producer on account of a transaction under the insurance producer's license with any person not also licensed under this chapter as to the same kind or kinds of insurance involved in the transactions. This provision does not affect payment of the regular salaries due to employees of the licensee, the distribution in regular course of business of compensation and profits among members or stockholders if the licensee is a business entity, or use of funds for family or personal purposes.

(3) Surplus lines producers may share commissions with a property and casualty insurance producer pursuant to 33-2-306.

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