Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Standard Nonforfeiture Law Life Insurance

Calculation -- Mortality Table -- Rates Of Interest

33-20-205. Calculation -- mortality table -- rates of interest. Except as otherwise provided in 33-20-206 and 33-20-207:

(1) All adjusted premiums and present values referred to in this part shall for all policies of ordinary insurance be calculated on the basis of the commissioner's 1941 standard ordinary mortality table.

(2) For any category of ordinary insurance issued on female risks, adjusted premiums and present values may be calculated, at the option of the insurer with approval of the commissioner, according to an age younger than the actual age of the insured, and such calculations for all policies of industrial insurance shall be made on the basis of the 1941 standard industrial mortality table.

(3) All calculations shall be made on the basis of the rate of interest, not exceeding 3 1/2% per annum, specified in the policy for calculating cash surrender values and paid-up nonforfeiture benefits.

(4) In calculating the present value of any paid-up term insurance with accompanying pure endowment, if any, offered as a nonforfeiture benefit, the rates of mortality assumed may be not more than 130% of the rates of mortality according to such applicable table.

(5) For insurance issued on a substandard basis, the calculation of any such adjusted premiums and present values may be based on such other table of mortality as may be specified by the insurer and approved by the commissioner.

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