Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 13. Viatical Settlements

Requirements For Entering Into Viatical Settlement Contract -- Prohibitions On Finder's Fee -- Solicitations -- Discrimination -- False Or Misleading Advertising Or Solicitation -- Misuse Of Confidential Information

33-20-1313. Requirements for entering into viatical settlement contract -- prohibitions on finder's fee -- solicitations -- discrimination -- false or misleading advertising or solicitation -- misuse of confidential information. (1) A person may not enter into a viatical settlement contract within a 2-year period from the date of issuance of an insurance policy or certificate unless the person certifies to the viatical settlement provider that one or more of the following conditions have been met within the 2-year period:

(a) (i) the policy or certificate was issued upon the person's exercise of conversion rights arising out of a group or individual policy or certificate and the total of the time covered under the conversion policy or certificate plus the time covered by the policy or certificate prior to the conversion equal at least 24 months; and

(ii) the time covered under a group policy or certificate was calculated without regard to any change in insurance carriers if the coverage was continuous and under the same group sponsorship; or

(b) the person submits independent evidence to the viatical settlement provider that one or more of the following conditions have been met within the 2-year period:

(i) the person is terminally ill or chronically ill; or

(ii) the person has disposed of the person's ownership interest in a closely held corporation pursuant to the terms of a buyout agreement or similar agreement that was in effect at the time that the insurance policy or certificate was issued.

(2) Copies of the certification and independent evidence required under subsection (1) must be submitted by the viatical settlement provider to the insurer when the viatical settlement provider submits a request to the insurer for verification of coverage. The copies must be accompanied by a letter of attestation from the viatical settlement provider that the copies are true and correct copies of the documents received by the viatical settlement provider.

(3) A licensee may not pay or offer to pay a finder's fee, commission, or other compensation to a person described in this subsection (3) in connection with a policy insuring the life of an individual with a terminal illness or condition. The prohibition under this subsection (3) applies with respect to payments or offers of payment to:

(a) the physician, attorney, or accountant of the policyholder, the certificate holder, or the insured individual;

(b) any person other than a physician, attorney, or accountant described in subsection (3)(a) who provides medical, legal, or financial planning services to the policyholder, to the certificate holder, or to the insured individual when the individual is other than the policyholder or certificate holder; or

(c) any person other than one described in subsection (3)(a) or (3)(b) who acts as an agent of the policyholder, certificate holder, or insured individual.

(4) A licensee may not solicit an investor who could influence the treatment of the illness or condition of the individual whose life would be the subject of a viatical settlement contract.

(5) All information solicited or obtained from a policyholder or certificate holder by a licensee is subject to the confidentiality requirements set forth in Title 33, chapter 19. For purposes of this subsection, a licensee must be considered an insurance-support organization as defined in 33-19-104.

(6) A licensee may not discriminate in the making of a viatical settlement contract on the basis of race, age, sex, national origin, creed, religion, occupation, marital or family status, or sexual orientation and may not discriminate between persons who have dependents and persons who do not have dependents.

(7) A person licensed pursuant to 33-20-1304 may not engage in any false or misleading advertising, solicitation, or practice as described in 33-18-203.

(8) A person licensed pursuant to 33-20-1304 may not sell another product of insurance to the contract holder unless approval is obtained from the commissioner.

History: En. Sec. 13, Ch. 298, L. 1997; amd. Sec. 3, Ch. 552, L. 2005.